Chiang mai to Bangkok Tours

Tour Chiang mai to Bangkok tours. Incredible 6 days tour, not the classic but definitely original tour retracing the old Chiang Mai – Chiang Rai – Chiang Dao proposing a Vintage route when enough to seize the tradition that you breathe in the old villages in the North.

1° Day Chiang Mai

Hours 9.00 am: Pickup at the Chiang mai airport and departure to Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep.

Hours 11.00 am: visit of the Tigers at the Tiger Kingdom, after buffet lunch at the Tigers.

At 2.00 pm: visit to the Orchid farm

At 3.00 pm: traveling Tour of the old town and its main temples

Hours 6.00 pm: back to the Hotel

Tiger Kingdom

2° Day The Golden Triangle

Hours 8.30 pm: Pickup at the hotel and departure for Chiang Rai

Hours 11.00 pm: arrival at the white temple and stop to visit the famous symbol of Chiang Rai

Hours 12.00 pm: buffet lunch at the White Temple

At 13.00 pm: excursion at a tribal village where you can interact with the local ethnic tribe Akha, Padon and Karen (Long neck)

Hours 15.00 pm : Arrival at the golden triangle, Mekong navigation lasting 30 minutes with traditional long-tail boat. Visit to the island in Laos with temporary visa.

Hours: 18.00 pm return to hotel in Chiang Rai

Tempio Bianco

3° Day Chiang Dao Cave

Hours 8.00 am: Pickup at the Chiang Rai hotel and departure for Chiang Dao

Hours 11.00 am: arrival at Chiang Dao caves, the caves have long natural tunnel tens of miles and are full of stalactites and stalagmites

At 13.30 pm: Lunch in the Centre of Chiang Dao.

Hours 14.30 pm: departure for Chiang mai

Hours 17.00 pm: arrival in Chiang mai

At 17.30 pm: back to the Hotel

grotte di Chiang Dao

4° Day Sukhothai Historical Park

Hours 8.00 am: Pickup at the hotel and departure from Chiang mai to Sukhothai, along the way visit to Sri Satchanalai

Hours 12.00 am: arrival at Sukhothai and lunch at a local restaurant

Hours 13.00 am: visit to Sukhothai Historical Park

Hours 15.00 pm: Visit of the city of Sukhothai

Hours 17.00 pm: accommodation at the Sukhothai hotel

5° Day Ayutthaya Historical Park

Hours 8.00 am: Pickup at the Sukhothai hotel and departure to Ayutthaya

Hours 13.00 pm: arrive at Ayutthaya and lunch at a local restaurant

Hours 14.00 pm: visit of the Ayutthaya Historical Park. Today the ruins of the ancient city formed the so-called “Ayutthaya Historical Park” which is one of the world heritage site recognized by UNESCO.

Hours 17.00 pm: back at the Hotel Ayutthaya

Escursione ad Ayutthaya

6° Day Bangkok

Hours 8.00 am: Pickup at the Ayutthaya hotel and departure for Bangkok

Hours 10.00 pm: Bangkok city tour


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