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Chiang Rai 3 days

Chiang Rai 3 days/2 nights of travel in Thailand’s most traditional.

Day 1

Doi Tung Royal Villa, Oub Kham Museum

  1. 8.30     -Pick up at your hotel.
  2. 10.30     -Visit Doi Tung Royal Villa. This magnificent villa was built on the mountain overlooking the surrounding hill and valleys in a unique mix of Swiss and Lanna architectural styles, with its panoramic views of the valley below.
  3. 13.00     -Have lunch at Doi Tung Lodge.
  4. Afternoon-Visit Oub Kham Museum-The collection embraces objects used in the royal courts such as Lanna, Khum Chao Phare and Khum Chao Chiang Mai, some parts are from northeast Myanmar, Southwest China, and Vietnam which are about 500-1000 years old. See the golden throng, Kingís golden costumes and silver ornaments. A golden bowl used by royals is a masterpiece.
  5. 19.00     -Have Dinner at downtown Chiang Rai.

Chiang Rai 3 giorni

Day 2

Mae Sai, WatThamPla (Monkey Cave), Wat Rong Khun (White Temple)

  1. 08.30     -Pick up at your hotel.
  2. 10.00     -Visit Mae Sai, the most northern city of Thailand and its border (Myanmar). The border end of this street is lined by an enormous market.
  3. 13.00     -Have lunch at a local restaurant (Huean Him Doi, Lanna food).
  4. Afternoon     -Visit Wat Tham Pla (Monkey Cave). The temple is also known as the monkey cave after the macaques that live there.
  5.            -Visit Wat Rong Khun (White temple). This unique modern temple was designed and built by Chaloemchai Khositphiphat , the famous artist, starting in 1998.
  6. 19.30     -Shop at Chiang Rai Night Bazaar. It  is a night market, located in the middle of downtown, a place of souvenirs and local products and more than forty restaurants. You can enjoy your dinner here too.

tempio bianco chiang rai

Day 3

Hall of Opium, Golden Triangle, Boat on river Mekong, Old City Chiang Saen

  1. 08.30     -Pick up at your hotel.
  2. 10.30     -Visit Hall of Opium, Golden Triangle Park and Museum. It is an invitation to the mysterious world of opium. Inside the park, exhibits will tell the history of opium trade.
  3. 12.30     -Have lunch at a local restaurant.
  4. Afternoon     -Visit Golden triangle (Borders of Thailand, Myanmar, Laos the duration). This area used to be the opium trade in exchange for gold. This is spectacular views of the Mekong River.
  5. -Boat trip on the Mekong River. You can view scenery around the Golden Triangle for about 30 minutes.
  6. -Visit the Old City Chiang Saen. This is well known for its numerous ancient temples and temple ruins and is a very old city with an interesting history.
  7. 17.30     -Back to Chiang Rai
  8. 19.30     -Have dinner at downtown Chiang Rai.

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